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Be a Hero to Every New Parent You Know

Be a Hero to Every New Parent You Know

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get someone a gift but having no clue what they want or need.

 What’s even harder is getting a gift for new parents who may not know what they need themselves.

 According to a recent Babylist survey, most new parents create their baby registry during the second trimester. But only 11% actually feel prepared and confident in the products they choose.

 But, if we know anything for sure, it’s that there’s no better gift for a new parent than a thoughtful and convenient one.

 And while we love the idea of toys or clothes as great gift options, they may eventually end up in a pile of other toys and clothes their kiddos already have. More often than not, this adds to their parent’s growing list of things to clean or put away.

 So, what do new parents really need?


They need something that makes their lives easier.

 Something simple —not too fancy— especially nothing with an instruction manual.

 At the same time, they need something safe and durable.

 And if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, we’ve got good news and bad news for you.

 The bad news is that you’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of people have no idea what to get new parents. And many new parents end up with a mountain of bibs, pacifiers, and a year's supply of size 6-9-month onesies they can’t use.


But the good news is that your gift doesn’t have to end up in the pile of things everyone else got.


Even more good news is that the Busy Baby Mat is a gift most new parents don’t even know they need. We’ve kept our design simple and versatile, so parents can use it nearly anywhere without having to put a lot of thought into keeping their little one entertained.


More importantly, the Busy Baby Mat is proven safe for new parents to use. The silicone placemat and tethers are made from 100% food-grade, FDA approved silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, and Phthalate free.


And we promise that purchasing a safe product not only makes you look good, but it will also make you feel good.


While we know this is the perfect product for new moms and dads, it’s up to you to make sure you grab one for the right occasion.


 Ways to Save the Day

 Baby Showers – we’re going to be honest. Most new parents won’t know they need the Busy Baby Mat —until they’re partaking in the infamous toddler toss at dinner time. On the other hand, we’re sure veteran parents will know right away how convenient this placement mat will be for them. They’ll feel more confident throughout different developmental stages, instead of dreading the busyness ahead. And aside from keeping their baby occupied, our mat is backed by rigorous safety testing. This makes it perfect for teething babies who put everything in their mouths the first 6 to18 months of life.

 Birthdays – our Busy Baby Mat is perfect for ages 6 to 18 months because these are the key developmental months. This gift is ideal for first birthdays because research shows that babies begin feeding themselves at 12 months. That means parents get the most use out of using the placement mat at dinner time.


But maybe you know parents who aren’t so “new” and their babies have been around for a little while? Don’t worry…you’ve still got a chance to give one of the best gifts they’ll get.  Our mat is used by kiddos from birth to age three, so we’re certain parents of toddlers will appreciate it too.

 Even when you get past the ‘drop and throw’ stage, the mat remains a convenient, clean place to put your little one’s food and can keep them busy with washable markers while you finish your own meal.


Holidays – this is the perfect time to grab a thoughtful gift for parents struggling with the toddler toss. It lets them know you’re really thinking of ways to make their life easier as a parent; something they’ll really appreciate.

 Any Day Really… - There’s never a wrong time to get the Busy Baby Mat for a new parent. From using the mat on infant carrier handles during infancy to using it as a safe surface for food and fun during playtime, the possibilities are nearly endless.

As you can see, we’re all about ease and convenience. So, we’re going to throw this out there…

 Leave the gift wrapping to a minimum.

 Now’s the chance to save yourself some time! Roll the mat up with some tissue paper, place it in a decorative wine bag, and TADA! You not only give your new parents a great gift for their baby but also a nice gift bag to reuse.

With countless gifting options at your fingertips, it’s important to give a gift that’s affordable, durable, safe, and beneficial to new parents. We think it’s clear, the Busy Baby Mat encompasses all these things and more.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Test it out for yourself.

Grab one of our placement mats for your next gift and don’t be surprised if you become a hero to the new parents you know!

Baby Products created For Parents, BY Parents!

Baby Products created For Parents, BY Parents!
The Busy Baby mat was created by a regular, working momma who saw a need for a suction placemat that would also hold toys in place AND be portable.  It didn't exist so she took it from an idea to a reality.  Click HERE to check out some more products that were created by other regular parents, not the big companies, to solve everyday parenting problems! 

Simplify Your Travels with the Busy Baby Mat

Simplify Your Travels with the Busy Baby Mat

We’ve all done it.

Packed a million and one toys and snacks to occupy our kiddos during the long road trip to Grandmas. Only for them to chuck every toy onto the floor after 30 seconds of enjoyment.

Traveling can be a real juggling act when you’ve got a busy baby on your hands. You have to be prepared for everything from diaper explosions to teething meltdowns, and that means traveling light isn't an option.
But, sometimes less is more. And we’ve come up with a way for you to skip the overpacking and keep your little one entertained.

Our Busy Baby Mat weighs less than half a pound and can fit in almost any bag you plan to bring on your trip. But more importantly, it’s versatile and can be used with your existing baby toys and travel systems–a genuine one and done purchase, no strings attached…unless you count the tethers that come with each mat. But who’s counting?

Well, …we are! But we’re not counting tethers (that would be silly). Instead, we’re counting time.

As a busy parent, with an even busier baby, you don’t have time to add another contraption to your travel plans. So, we’re proud to say our mat takes just a few seconds to place on or around your preferred surface and seconds to put away.

You can attach the placemat to your car seat or stroller to occupy your kiddo during long drives, lines, or layovers. The handy suction cups on the back of each mat also allow you to stick it nearly anywhere there’s a flat surface. You can also wrap it around most handles and it sticks right to itself!

We’ve come up with some creative ways for you to use it while you’re on the go.

Plan Some Pitstop Playtime

If you’re going on a road trip with your baby, include a restaurant pitstop into your route. You can use the mat on any smooth tabletop and give your baby a little playtime. Our mat is also 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone, so they can enjoy eating their food right off the mat.
If your baby is too young to sit up at the table, you can wrap the mat around your infant carrier handle and attach toys to keep your little one visually stimulated. With your baby occupied, this is also a great time to relax while you eat your meal, pump gas, or take a break before getting back on the road.

Find a Smooth Surface

Look for a flat and smooth surface during your downtime. Any surface that is completely smooth and clean will do the trick! Tables, windows, and mirrors are all great surfaces to attach the mat to. Any surface area with lumps, bumps, cracks, dust or debris may prevent the suctions from sticking as well as they should.

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Depending on what company you’re traveling with – most airlines, bus lines, and train lines have a handy tray on the back of each seat. Any tray that has a smooth and flat surface can be used to attach your mat to. Trays that are textured may prevent the mat from sticking. But, we’ve got a solution for that!

Try utilizing the mats tethers to attach it to the tray and keep it from sliding. Either way, this is a simple way to keep your baby entertained on long or short trips.

Prepare for “Childproof-less” Destinations

Okay…so “childproof-less” is not an actual word. But with a busy baby on your hands, we’re sure you know exactly what it means.

Heading home to visit family brings joy to our hearts. But it can also be challenging while visiting Grandma and her fine china collection. Providing a space for your baby to enjoy is one way to keep them occupied and away from areas that aren’t 100% childproof. Try sticking the mat to surfaces like a patio door window or the side of a refrigerator to keep them in one place as they play.

Add to Your Home Away from Home

Speaking of “childproof-less” destinations...if your planning to stay in a hotel or a chic AirBnB, your busy baby will want to play and explore their new surroundings. But hotels and vacation rentals aren’t always baby friendly. By bringing the mat along, you’ll create a play space that diverts their attention and keeps them from roaming off to other areas.

Don’t Forget the Washable Markers!

Our placemat is great for toys and food, but when working with short attention spans, you’ve got to have more options available. Pack a few washable markers, along with your mat, to add another activity for your little one to try. Older siblings can also join in on the artistic fun.

And since the mat is 100% washable, you can use wipes or wet napkins to quickly clean up their masterpiece.

Grab a Window Seat

Since the Busy Baby Mat is great for flat and smooth surfaces, try grabbing a window seat! Windows are an ideal surface to place the mat on and can fit in most car, bus, train, and plane windows.

Keep it Simple & Just Use the Tethers!

While traveling you may find yourself in situations where you can’t use the mat on a flat surface. But we don’t want this to stop you from keeping your baby entertained on the road.

Use the tethers independently from the mat by looping them around stroller and car seat straps or handles. Babies love to teeth on them and they are stretchy and fun to play with. Not to mention, no toys get tossed!.

Save Time Cleaning Up

Depending on how the mat is used, you can wipe it down with warm soap and water in your nearest restroom. Or you can use wipes for quick cleaning and keep it moving to your next destination.

Once you get back home from your trip, toss the mat in with your dishes— it’s 100% dishwasher safe!

Skip the Trip & Use it at Home

For those staying home, the Busy Baby Mat is great too! 
Many parents love using the mat on their baby’s high chair tray and attaching toys for fun.

You can use it on practically any smooth surface in your home to keep your baby occupied in one spot. So, try a sliding glass door, window, or even the washer and dryer while you’re folding laundry.

You can even try it on the side of your refrigerator while you’re preparing dinner. Then, bring it to your family table so you and baby can enjoy a memorable holiday meal.

These are just a few ways to use your Busy Baby Mat while you’re away, or staying home for the holiday season. But the mat is so versatile, we’re certain you’ll find even more creative ways to use it no matter where you are with your new baby in tow.

Have a new idea on ways to use your mat ? We want to see your busy baby in action! Share your pictures and videos on social media and tag us at @busybabymat!