6 Tips for Getting Things Done with a Baby

If you're a new parent and sought out a blog like this, you're likely a bit overwhelmed. Before we dive into some practical tips for getting things done with a baby, you must recognize one thing: all you can do is your best!

Since we can't stop time when we're sleepwalking through the newborn stage or clone ourselves to chase down our toddler…our to-do lists get pretty long. Instead of stressing and being upset with yourself, let's get into some practical tips to get more done each day, even with a baby in tow, while being kind to yourself. 

1 - Be Realistic

First, let's ensure you are realistic about what you hope to accomplish. Especially during the newborn phase, you need to give yourself grace. Babies, especially newborns, are a full-time job; some things just can't be done.

 Another way to be realistic with your to-do list is not over-scheduling yourself. If you have commitments you cannot miss, or activities that make you happy, allow yourself to drop the unnecessary tasks.

 to do list

2 - Keep Your To-do List Handy

Life with a baby is anything but predictable. Keep your to-do list with you for your reference throughout the day, and so you can pass it off to anyone offering a helping hand.

Grab your to-do list when you have unexpected and spontaneous "downtime." There are also times when your baby may be in an especially great mood with no fussing - An opportunity to make the trip to the store.

3 - Keep Baby Entertained

Keeping your baby entertained is step one to getting anything done!

Baby playing with Busy Baby Mat on the refridgerator

Our Busy Baby mats and accessories are a must. Our mats have bungees connected to attach bottles, toys, utensils, teethers, and pacifiers. Mats and accessories are not only for eating - They’re a great solution for entertainment.

Connect your Busy Baby mat to smooth surfaces or wrap it around a cart or stroller handle! Try adhering your mat to the refrigerator, sliding glass door, or dish washer when you’re getting tasks done nearby. Hanging toys from mats gives your baby plenty to do.

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Don’t forget to rotate toys to ensure your baby is constantly reintroduced and engaged with their toys when you are depending on them to keep them busy.

4 - Utilize Baby Gear

While some toys can keep your baby entertained, you’ll also want to consider baby gear like a carrier or playpen. The Tushbaby hip seat carrier is a great way to keep your baby close while you get things done around the house.  Tushbaby alleviates pressure on your back and shoulders and reduces arm and wrist strain so you can carry your baby longer and more comfortably. 

Tushbaby baby carrier

Baby-wearing has become increasingly popular with comfortable, high-quality carriers. Similarly, there are pack-and-plays and other play areas to sit your kiddo in when you’re nearby to ensure they’re not getting into anything while you check things off the list.

5 - Delegate and Ask for Help

You don't have to do everything.

It’s best to have open communication, ask for help and accept help when it’s offered. Have an honest discussion with your partner and close family and friends you can rely on. Share your thoughts, plans, and priorities.

Don't feel bad calling in your village so you can get things done child-free. Similarly, choose a childcare plan that works best for you. Daily daycare? Occasional babysitter? In-home nanny? Be sure to plan for help well in advance. Daycare spots fill up quickly, and babysitters or nannies may not have immediate availability.

6 - Take Care of Yourself

Remember, you're no good to anyone if you're exhausted, burnt out, or sick! Take care of yourself and honor your wants and needs.

mom resting on couch holding a teddy bear

Whether it be more time to yourself, more sleep, or a day out of the house, these things can make all the difference so you can be as productive as you want, and spend time with your baby.

You're Doing Great

Getting things done probably won’t ever be the same as pre-baby again - but that’s okay! Once you set realistic expectations, enlist help, and grab some helpful baby products, your days should be a bit easier.
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