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Busy Baby Mat

Use it at HOME, in Restaurants, on Shopping Carts and MORE!

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End the "Toddler Toss"!

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Made of 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone

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Busy Baby Mat

First-ever placemat to keep toys in place
Time to end the "Toddler Toss!"

Keep your baby safer from GERMS!
100% FDA Approved Food-Grade Silicone

Busy Baby Teether & Training Spoon

The NEW Busy Baby Teether and Training Spoon eases baby's teething needs and aids in self-feeding.  The Busy Baby Tether-ball fits right into the end of the spoon to easily hook it up to the mat!

The textured spoon head captures just the right amout of food for a baby, the curved arms prevent choking, and the textures enhance grip and are prefect for teething babies with sore gums!

This teething spoon is dishwasher safe as well as BPA, BPS, PVC and Phthalate free to keep your kids safe.

Busy Baby Silicone Toy Straps

These silicone toy straps come in handy on or off the mat!  They can be looped around stroller straps or used all together in each of the mats corners. You can even use the Busy Baby Tethers to strap extra toys to your baby's jumper or play mats to give them added variety. Be sure to add a set of Extra Tethers to your order!

A Veteran-Owned Family Business

We are Beth and Eric Fynbo - a sister-brother team in Minnesota! Thanks for checking out our family business!

The Busy Baby Non Slip Silicone Placemat

We put a lot of care and thought into designing this for your precious little one.

  • BPA Free Food-Grade Silicone

    This placemat is dishwasher and microwave safe as well as BPA, BPS, PVC, and Phthalate free to keep your kids safe.

  • Stress Free Non Slip Engineering

    These placemats are developed with silicone suction cups as part of the mat itself, allowing you to stick this mat to any smooth surface and maintain through the tug of almost any baby.

  • Easy Attach Toy Strap Technology

    High-quality food grade silicone toy straps easily attach to the mat through a patented tether technology to always keep toys within reach! 

  • Easy To Pack For On The Go Parents

    The mat and toy straps roll up into a convenient sleeve that fits into most diaper bags and purses. The mat is 8.5" x 11.5", made of a very durable and flexible silicone.

Add a Rattle

Babies love the bright colors and the rattle provides an unsuspecting sound which teaches cause and effect

Manhattan Toy Zoo Winkel Owl Rattle and Sensory Teether
Manhattan Toy Winkel Monkey Rattle & Sensory Teether
Manhattan Toy Winkel Elephant Rattle and Sensory Teether Baby Toy
Manhattan Toy Winkel Bunny Rattle and Sensory Teether Baby Toy

The Busy Baby Silicone Teething & Training Spoon

It's the PERFECT teether!

  • BPA Free Food-Grade Silicone

    This teether is dishwasher safe as well as BPA, BPS, PVC, and Phthalate free to keep your kids safe.

  • Food Grip Technology

    The textured spoon head captures just the right amount of food for babies.

  • Engineered to Prevent Choking

    The curved arms prevent a baby from choking on the spoon as they learn to feed themselves.

  • Textured Handle & Base

    Beyond enhancing grip, the assorted textures around the spoon functions the perfect teether for sore gums.

Teething Toys Too!

Help ease baby's gum pain with these adorable teethers

Manhattan Toy Sloth Silicone Teether
Manhattan Toy Unicorn Silicone Teether
Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush
Manhattan Toy Llama Silicone Teether

Blog posts

Tips & Tricks for Better Suction

Suction Cups are GREAT, but they can be finicky. Our food-grade silicone is great for babies, but not for suction cups. By nature, food-grade silicone attracts dust and lint, but dust and lint make suction cups less effective! We've created a short video to help you have the best experience with your Busy Baby Mat.