Shark Tank Fun Facts


I had to do my rehearsal from quarantine on an iPad over Zoom! I didn’t get to see my set until I walked out there on filming day!


I had to walk the hallway twice! Apparently, you could see my microphone though my shirt so they had to switch it out and I had to start over. It was great to get the nerves out! If you watch my entrance into the tank, you can see the microphone color switch on my shirt.


I actually spent 50 minutes ‘in the tank’, but it got edited down to about 10. There was some interesting banter that I wish would have made it to air, like Mark actually yell at Lori in my defense.


Mark is awesome! He was so positive and supportive. I felt like I was an all-star on the Mavs court.


Other than the one email announcing my air date, I never heard from any one at Shark Tank ever again.


We did 6 weeks’ worth of sales the weekend my episode aired!

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