Thank You from Busy Baby

TLDR: Lots of hungry kids get fed for an entire year!

Earlier this year we decided to donate 1 meal for every full size or mini mat sold on our website. In Q2 we were able to donate $1,700, which will feed 20 kids for a full year! Beth and I were so excited about this that we decided to do more. We agreed that “1 mat = 1 meal” should include all mats sold, so we included our Amazon mat sales as well. We also agreed that we should volunteer time as well as money.

On October 18th the Busy Baby team along with some friends had the opportunity fill food packs for starving children across the world.  More specifically, this batch of food is headed to the country of Haiti.  We were able to pack enough meals to feed 30 children for a year in just over an hour. 

Our quarter 3 donation is a different story.  Because of you, yes you, we were able to donate……………………… (drumroll please) …………………………$5,190!!!!!!  How incredible is that?!!!!! The rough math shakes out to almost an additional 60 kids fed for an entire year!!!  Let’s sum up what the Busy Baby team and its incredible customers have done so far this year.

  • Busy Baby Volunteer Hours (Labor), 30 children fed for a year.
  • Busy Baby Donations (because of YOU), $6,890 = 78 children fed for a year.
  • The results of these efforts and donations = 108 children will have food for an entire year!!!!

    I have another huge Thank You. It goes out to Bob and the amazing team at Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen, MN.  Not only did they have an extremely efficient set up but the entire time volunteering was fun! Every person that volunteered with us has already RSVP’d for the January pack event and most said they will bring more people with them.

    We chose FMSC for 3 reasons.

    1. They feed children and we sell products that help with feeding children.
    2. They are based in MN, we are based in MN.
    3. Over 86% of donations go directly to meal production and 99.8% of all food donations make it safely to those who need it.

    Thanks again to all, and we look forward to continuing these efforts!

    - Beth and Eric 

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