Not your ordinary Bib! Busy Baby Bungee Bib - Deluxe No-Drop, On-The-Go, BLW Self-Feeding System

You may have seen us on Shark Tank with our Busy Baby Mat – the first-ever placemat that allows you to attach baby’s toys so they don’t constantly hit the ground.

At Busy Baby, we work hard to create even more products that make life a little easier with a baby. Our favorite new product is our Bungee Bib and Utensil feeding system.

As we all know, suction cups don’t stick to all surfaces so we thought what better way to keep their favorite paci off the ground no matter where you go by incorporating our tether system into a handy pelican bib. The bib has an oversized pouch to catch food spills and the utensils we create were designed to easily connect to our tethers.

Enjoy your meal and give your baby the independence to work on self-feeding. No more worrying about soiling the spoon 20 seconds into the meal. When you’re done, simply throw the spoon and tethers in the pouch, roll it up, secure the button and throw it in your diaper bag.

When you get home, toss it in the dishwasher. This bib is better and higher quality than your standard silicone bibs and is ideal for babies who are starting to self-feed. While it may be a little too big for small babies in a high-chair, it’s a dream on-the-go and at restaurants.

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