Army Veterans and Siblings building a Multi-Million Dollar Baby Business

Read on to learn how Beth Fynbo and her brother Eric Fynbo used their military experience to turn Beth’s little idea into a big business helping hundreds of thousands of new parents.

Minnesota based entrepreneurs Beth and Eric are not only siblings, but also Army veterans who served in Kuwait and Iraq together. 

Beth Fynbo and Eric Fynbo in Kuwait in 2003

Today they run a multi-million-dollar baby product business.

Beth Fynbo and Eric Fynbo with Busy Baby products

Beth had the idea for a silicone placemat that suctions to surfaces and has a tether system that allows caregivers to attach baby’s favorite toys, so they don’t end up repeatedly on the ground. 

Beth Fynbo on Shark Tank

After getting that idea off the ground and on onto ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank, Beth quickly convinced her brother to leave his stable job and join her on the bumpy path of entrepreneurship.  Together they have grown the product line and the brand to 7-figure revenue for the past two years.

This isn’t the first adventure Beth has taken her little brother on.  After she spent a few years in the United States Army, she convinced him to join as well.  They were even stationed in Europe at the same time and deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom just before the war began in 2003. 

After their time in the military ended, both siblings finished their bachelor’s degree programs at the same college in Minnesota.  Eric pursued a career path in retail store management while Beth took a corporate account management route.  During this time, she still convinced him to tackle some Tough Mudder obstacle races just to keep life interesting!

Beth Fynbo and Eric Fynbo after finishing a Tough MudderFast forward to September of 2020.  Beth was quarantined in a hotel room in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for 8 days, waiting for her turn to pitch her business to the infamous investors on ABC’s hit reality show, Shark Tank.  Business had already started growing quickly, and with two small children at home and while still working her full-time job, Beth realized she was going to need help once her episode of Shark Tank aired. 

It didn’t take long to convince Eric to go on a new adventure.  Even though he had four kids at home and a very stable job that supported his family, Eric believed in his sister’s vision.  Just ten days after leaving his retail job they got the notice that Busy Baby would be on television in just three short weeks. 

With their military background and experience, the pair was able to quickly mobilize and prepare for massive sales and quick growth.

Since the show aired, Beth and Eric have added 7 new products to the product line and continue to create more helpful items for life with babies and toddlers.

Busy Baby products 

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Our mission is to make life a little easier for busy parents/caregivers everywhere. We plan to continue to develop ways to make parenting easier and help those who volunteer to help kids in need.  Beth Fynbo invented the first-ever placemat to keep baby’s things in reach and off the floor, keeping them happy, entertained, and safer from germs.  After appearing on the hit TV show Shark Tank, Beth convinced her brother to join her and grow the product line and the business.  They operate from their home state of Minnesota.


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