Baby Products created For Parents, BY Parents!

The Busy Baby mat was created by a regular, working momma who saw a need for a suction placemat that would also hold toys in place AND be portable.  It didn't exist, so she took it from an idea to a reality.  Check out some more products that were created by other regular parents, not the big companies, to solve everyday parenting problems!  Support small family business and consider these gifts for the person in your life with a new baby!

The Best Baby Products....

Created For Parents, By Parents!

The day you become a parent is the day you learn to look at life in all new ways as you encounter problems you've never encountered before. Check out these new products created by new parents - not the big companies - but moms and dads like you and me!

No more toys on the ground!

After a meal out with two little ones that constantly dropped and threw everything on the dirty floor, a US Army veteran and new momma made it her mission to create a solution. The Busy Baby Mat suctions to any smooth surface and has a tether system that allows you to attach baby's toys to the mat! Now everything stays within arms' reach and off the floor!

Save space and travel lighter!

CollapseAndGo is the first of its kind collapsible baby bottle that grows with your child! Created by parents who wanted a simpler solution for taking bottles on the go and creating more storage around the house, CollapseAndGo solves many issues within today's baby bottle market. Made with extremely safe food grade silicone, these bottles are mold and bacteria resistant, portable, storable, and oh so adorable. With CollapseAndGo, the collapsabilities are endless!

Pocket-Sized Diaper Change Kit

As a mom on the go, Alison didn't want or need to take a whole diaper bag full of changing essentials every time she left the house. She created Dwypeze, the grab and go solution to getting out the door, on your way, with only what you need: A diaper, a pack of wipes, and a changing pad. Using only the highest quality ingredients designed for sensitive skin, Dwypeze was developed for families on the go.

Soak any mess on the go!

When a baby blow out, potty accident, or major spill happens, sure you’ve packed a spare change of clothes and all the diapering essentials to handle the mess, but what do you so with the messy garment, and how do you get it home? With the options of either throwing it away, or balling up the soiled stained garment and putting it back in the diaper bag, this mama decided to create a complete solution. Wash.It.Later. is the convenient all-in-one solution to isolate the mess AND soak/pretreat baby clothing on the go!

The World's Smartest Diaper Backpack

Founded by two parents who had a difficult time changing their baby on a road trip, the Vianetic is a life-hack diaper bag that allows for the easiest change on any flat surface. Built modular and packed with a ton of features, it’s the perfect companion for parents on-the-go.

Lunch Time Inspiration

To get her daughter excited about lunch, this mom designed a plastic-free lunch box that goes in the oven and microwave for endless alternatives to the usual sandwich. With This & That Lunch Kit, kids can customize their lunch box using erasable pens and stickers and even help out in the kitchen with kid-friendly, nutritionist approved, recipes.

Less Stress Pumping

Both moms of two, Katie Blouin and Maggie Phipps struggled to maximize their time at home and in the office while frequently stepping away from their desks and meetings to pump. Undressing and redressing in and out of uncomfortable pumping garments with clips, zippers and snaps several times a day was both time-consuming and stressful. Determined to make pumping and nursing an easier and more comfortable experience, they launched Larken, an innovative line of clothing essentials for pregnancy, nursing, hands-free pumping and beyond. In particular, the patent pending “Larken X” is the first all-in-one discreet nursing and hands-free pumping layer without any irritating elastic, snaps, zippers or other cumbersome hardware. It can be worn all day and all night, so moms don’t have to waste time undressing and changing bras each time they need to nurse or pump.

Car Seat Friendly Coat

Experts at the NHTSA and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend taking traditional coats off in the car seat due to the danger the puffiness causes in a crash but experts aren't around for epic parking lot meltdowns. On the cutting edge of adorable and invented by a New Hampshire mom of three, Buckle Me Baby Coats are designed to be used safely and easily in the car seat without taking the coat off. The removable front and shoulder panels make it easy to pull all the puffy stuff aside so the harness can sit snugly on little chests and shoulders.

Multipurpose fun on the go!

Hashtag Kidz wants to help you organize your diaper bag, making on the go parenting easier with neat products! Momma Abbie created the world's first 2-in-1 teething toy and snack container. The ChewBuddy adorable animals feature a variety of exciting textures that encourage baby to chew and soothe their sore gums. Thanks to the built-in grippy handles, your little one can take ChewBuddy along for comforting relief while on-the-go. Plus, our proprietary flip n’ fold design makes ChewBuddy ultra portable and easy to keep clean!

Target Training!

Toddler Target is small device that adheres to the back of a toilet seat to help boys with their aim! It's a fun, and easy tool to help parents engage boys in potty training, or just staying on target! It is motion detected and will turn on and off with out the assistance of an adult, so little ones can feel empowered to use the potty without relying on help; making potty training faster and easier! It doubles as an amazing nightlight making it fun and useful for the whole family!

The fun way to scrub dirt away

The ScrubBEE by Big Bee, Little Bee is the fun way to scrub the dirt away! This award-winning silicone scrubber grows with your little one. Use it to gently massage and clean baby's skin, and later to help toddlers and preschoolers learn to wash themselves. Perfect for scrubbing in the tub and hand washing at the sink! Features include super-soft bristles for gentle scrubbing, a textured handle to fit your little one’s grip, and a solid core that doesn’t trap yucky stuff. 100% silicone makes it safe and hygienic, and it’s free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and Lead.

Hooray for happy diaper time!

When their adventurous little one began to wonder what all the fuss was at diaper time, those curious little hands made it almost impossible to change a diaper without a mess. In response this husband and wife duo created the Clean Hands Changing pad restoring peace again to diaper-time. Keep little hands happy playing safely away from the mess and take the stress out of diaper time with SnoofyBee’s Clean Hands Changing Pad.

Here's to more nighty nights!

Most parents have been there ... you’re away from home at nap time or for an overnight stay with your baby, toddler or small child, and the room-sharing situation is anything but restful. SlumberPod is a portable (fits in carry-on luggage!), patent-pending solution that provides a dark, private sleeping environment for your baby. Invented by a mother-daughter team and designed with your child's safety in mind, SlumberPod is compatible with standard playards and mini-cribs as well as select toddler cots — blocking light and other distractions so your little one can sleep peacefully (and you can too!).

Hands Free Applicator

Eli & Ali Baby is focused on developing tools for parents on the go. We know how important hygiene is (especially when traveling) so we designed the Tush Swiper - a hands-free cream applicator that attaches directly to the tube and lets you delicately apply ointments, face creams, and diaper rash cream directly to the skin. Convenience is key, but hygiene is paramount, which is why every Tush Swiper is lab-certified antimicrobial/antimildew to keep you and your little one's safe and healthy!

Unbuckle with ease!

A new Grandma was frustrated that she couldn't unbuckle her granddaughter's car seat buckle because of arthritis in her thumb. She invented a tool to solve her own problem. UnbuckleMe is an award-winning, patented tool that uses leverage to reduce the force to unbuckle by more than 50% and does not attach to the car seat, for safety. Game changer for parents and grandparents who struggle with car seat buckles!

Conquer picky eating!

8 the Plate is a revolutionary tool that will solve your child’s mealtimes struggles by making family meals fun and easy again. 8 the Plate will turn your child into adventurous and confident eaters.

Curved by Design

Kizingo co-founders Kiyah and Lisa - nutrition-doctor moms - knew what the research said about helping young children establish healthy mealtime habits. But they couldn't and products that promoted these healthy behaviors, so they created them! Designed to encourage positive relationships with food and mealtime, Kizingo's products seek to support healthy independent children. Parenting is hard. Mealtime shouldn't be!

No more leaks!

Prevent diaper leaks and wake up to dry sheets! Designed by a mom that struggled with diaper leaks, constantly waking up to a soaking wet baby and bed. After trying all possible options to stop the leaks and protect the bedding with only mediocre results, she set out to design an option that would do both. The unique 3-ply construction allows for maximum absorbency while keeping your baby dry and comfortable. Simply layer over a diaper and under your child's favorite PJ's for extra protection at night. They can also be used without a diaper for the potty training transition. A dry baby is a happy baby, and less laundry for you!

 American-Mom Made Wipes

From the nursery of concerned mother came the idea for these wipes after her son was born with red hair and very sensitive skin..  Bets & Emy wipes contain just 99.9% water & 0.1% citrus extract, with no fragrances, oils or parabens. They have proudly earned the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, and the EWG Seal of Approval. American-mom Made and made in the USA.

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